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New national freight energy productivity program

17 February 2021

The Australian Government has announced a $99 million investment in the future of road transport including $25 million for a freight-specific energy productivity program. The detail is subject to development through public consultation, with responses to the Future Fuels Strategy discussion paper due no later than Friday 2 April, 2021.

This announcement follows extensive work by A2EP in recent years. Our research highlights the transport sector’s position as the largest energy user in Australia and forecasts significant growth in freight. We have long advocated for investment in both the freight and passenger transport sectors to improve energy productivity.

Further to a detailed assessment of the freight sector several years ago, A2EP has published an updated roadmap to accelerate freight productivity. It highlights the enormous potential to improve freight productivity while also reducing emissions and it identifies actions essential to unlock opportunity.

The roadmap was developed with insights gained from a roundtable of freight leaders we hosted in partnership with MOV3MENT in March 2020. The roundtable was an opportunity to share information and canvass ideas for improving energy productivity and featured three international leaders:

  • Sophie Punte – Executive Director, Smart Freight Centre (EU)

  • Rick Mihelic – Director of Future Technologies, North American Council for Freight Efficiency (US)

  • Andy Eastlake – Managing Director, Low Carbon Vehicles Partnership (UK)

While in Australia to speak at the roundtable, A2EP introduced Andy and Rick to ministerial advisors and senior bureaucrats in federal and state governments to share their insights and the impacts freight innovation is having in the United Kingdom and the United States.

We continue to build stakeholder support for action in the short-to-medium term with a focus on diesel, while supporting innovation for the longer term including electrification and future fuels such as hydrogen. We welcome any organisations or individuals from the industry who are interested in contributing to our work on freight transport energy productivity. Please email us at to express your interest.

Further information:

For more information about the A2EP freight roadmap or to get involved, please contact:

  • Tony Westmore at A2EP: or +61 419 256 339

  • Mark Gjerek at MOV3MENT: +61 400 221 770


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