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Our industry benefits enormously from the skills and experiences of women, however, it remains male-dominated, particularly in senior roles. The energy industry as a whole comprises less than 24% women. Happily, the clean energy sector is more female-powered, with a participation rate of around 39%. But it is still not good enough.

Here at A2EP we are looking at how we can help address this industry gap and improve diversity. We are pleased to announce that we have become a signatory of Equal by 30 Campaign. Equal by 30 is part of the Equality in Energy Transitions Initiative which works to accelerate gender equality and diversity in clean energy transitions and close the gender gap by 2030. 

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"The Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP) is committed to working towards gender equality during the clean energy transition and to ensuring that the transition is a just one. We are proud to have significantly increased the number of women on our Board and executive team in the last three years. To help achieve Equal by 30, we will use our communication platforms and reach across industry via our Members and partners to increase awareness, have more conversations on this topic, and to celebrate and increase the visibility of women making an impact in our sector."
Kylie Hargreaves
Chair, A2EP

Australia is one of the 13 member countries which have joined the Equality in Energy Transitions Initiative. The federal Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) has a number of resources and initiatives for supporting female participation in the energy industry and is the local contact point for Equal by 30. If you are interested in signing on to support Equal by 30, please contact DCCEEW.

Below are links to a number of resources and networks to help understand the challenge and benefits of targeting Equal by 30 in the energy industry and a number of networks and events for women in energy.

At A2EP, we are always looking to meet impressive women in energy who would be interested in presenting for our webinars and in-person events. If you would like to nominate a fantastic woman in energy, please contact us.

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