The transition to electric vehicles will not come quick enough for Australia to improve the energy productivity of transport to meet our Paris Agreement targets.  Road freight in Australia continues to increase but its energy efficiency is not improving. In fact, Australia's performance is falling well behind Europe and the USA. Stronger efficiency standards are needed. 

Not all solutions require new, more efficient hardware though. Higher energy productivity in transport can be achieved simply with smarter systems and new behaviours integrated in to the ways we work.


Doubling freight transport productivity by 2030

Our aspiration is to double energy productivity across the Australian economy by 2030, from 2010 levels. Collaborating with industry experts, we have developed a roadmap identifying the obstacles and opportunities on the path to doubling the energy productivity of the freight transport sector.

This roadmap explains the extent of improvements possible via known technologies, the expected various levels of disruption that will hit the sector, and the identifies measures that could help smooth the transition to a much more energy-productive freight sector.

Energy productivity success stories in the freight transport sector

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