Optimisation of energy use and innovation in supply and demand would help to maximise yield and increase profitability in the agricultural sector. 

Further business opportunities along the value chain could be unlocked through a proactive approach to waste management, transport logistics and demand side response.


Doubling agricultural energy productivity

We are seeking to lift the overall economic productivity of agriculture and the agricultural value chain through a focus on energy. Our aspiration is to double energy productivity across the Australian economy.

To achieve these goals it is important to understand the farming systems within the industry and to accept that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy that could be implemented generically across firms and farms.

Collaborating with industry experts, we have developed a roadmap identifying the obstacles and opportunities on the path to doubling the energy productivity of the agricultural sector.

In 2019, A2EP conducted a scoping study for the NSW Department of Primary Industries exploring the potential for primary industries to improve energy productivity. The study can be viewed below.

WATCH: Biogas technology in agriculture/food production webinar

For the August meeting of our A2EP Energy Innovation Network, we were joined by a number of industry experts and a very innovative pig farmer to discuss the use of biogas technologies in agriculture and food production to improve energy productivity. 

Our speakers included:


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