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Reaching net zero targets will require major transformations in how energy is supplied, transported and used. Energy productivity improvement offers the least cost pathway to net zero and an essential part of the framework for an orderly transition. 

Consequently, we need to build professional capacity in decarbonisation technologies with an energy productivity mindset. Our training is focused on the competencies required to develop, implement and monitor the next wave of change.

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With this in mind, A2EP is developing a number of short, in-person courses to introduce essential energy productivity concepts and approaches and various decarbonisation technologies. Attendees will learn from expert practitioners, through worked examples, while building your network of peers. We will issue a certificate of participation. Participation may qualify for credit to your continuing professional development (CPD) program

Course 1: Decarbonisation Methodologies and Technologies


This one-day course is designed to help people who are starting their journey to build net zero pathways. Led by industry experts, it will give attendees an understanding of how to reduce reliance on carbon offsets when decarbonising by introducing methodologies and technologies that will first reduce energy usage and then guide economical switching to renewable energy.


The course begins with the basics on emissions, metering and technologies, which attendees are then guided to apply in workshop sessions with the aim of teaching to energy productivity-thinking and to build a better project business case by factoring in non-energy benefits and utilising government programs.

This training is suitable for energy and sustainability officers. It is also valuable for finance and marketing staff seeking to understand the opportunities arising from decarbonisation. The course is designed to complement other energy management training and align with requirements for continuing professional development.

We will issue a certificate of participation. Participation may qualify for credit to your continuing professional development (CPD) program.

Who should attend?

The course is primarily designed for those responsible for energy or decarbonisation that need to understand the building blocks of a decarbonisation pathway.  It is also ideal for:

  • engineering and environmental engineers working with manufacturing, equipment supply and energy advisory/consulting firms

  • government officials who work with energy and decarbonisation seeking to get a deeper understanding of how business is working towards net zero

  • finance, marketing, communications and other professionals wishing to understand the challenges, opportunities and solutions of decarbonisation.

What is covered in the course?

  • Understanding emissions and the link with energy usage

  • Key terms, acronyms and concepts explained

  • Measurement: how to track and report change

  • Identifying and prioritising opportunities with technology already available

  • Incentives to decarbonise, including financial and productivity benefits, as well as grants, loans and certificates available.

  • Pitching decarbonisation projects: Using non-energy benefits in the business case


After the course you will:

  • Have established a network of people working within decarbonisation across government, energy users, consultants and technology providers

  • Know the key parts in assessing an emissions footprint

  • Know options for monitoring and reporting systems

  • Have an awareness of the technologies that can be deployed for decarbonising electricity and gas usage

  • Know how to account for a wide range of benefits, beyond just decarbonisation

  • Be able to build a wholistic business case for a decarbonisation project.


Course dates and details:

Melbourne CBD - Thursday 30 March 2023, 8:45 am - 4:45 pm AEDT

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea are provided.

Course fee: 

Employees of A2EP Member organisations are eligible for a discount. 

A2EP member $1188 (including GST)
Non-members $1320 (including GST)

Meet your expert trainers for Course 1: Decarbonisation Methodologies & Technologies

Andrea Trianni 400x400.png

Associate Professor Andrea Trianni

Deputy Head of School Research,
School of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering,
University of Technology Sydney 


Alan Pears AM

Senior Industry Fellow, RMIT University and Innovation Lead at A2EP

Course 2: Integrative Design for Decarbonisation & Energy Productivity

We are currently developing this second, follow-up course for roll-out in early 2023. This two-day course will go into greater detail about how to plan decarbonisation efforts that integrate with overall business objectives and deliver greatest value.

It will be targeted at:

  • managers of operations, engineering and projects

  • employees of consultants, particularly engineers and EnMS/ISO specialists

  • employees of suppliers and contractors

  • government officials (energy/sustainability/decarbonisation specialists)

Click here to express your interest in attending this in-person training.

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