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Meet the newest Members of our Alliance

Our Alliance for Energy Productivity features more than 80 business and research leaders and is growing all the time. Meet the latest Members of our Alliance below and view the full Membership on our Members page.

2 May 2024

Ellenex is a leading manufacturer of low-power IoT devices and complex end-to-end solutions from Australia. It is an innovation-driven company that developed and manufactured the first fully integrated pressure and level sensors based on LPWAN (low power wide area network) technologies. Its expansive range of state-of-the-art industrial solutions tailored for mass IoT applications paves the way for industries to seamlessly adopt the industrial internet of things (IIoT) within their manufacturing units and service systems. This integration is not only effortless but also cost-effective, ensuring minimal integration complexities.

 Ellenex’s products and solutions enable accurate, remote monitoring of levels, pressure, temperature, water quality, moisture, humidity and rainfall monitoring, as well as metering and flow-monitoring. Its product design and wide range ensures solutions for a range of sectors, including those operating in harsh environments, including farming and agriculture, water and wastewater, oil and gas delivery, cities and councils, construction and mining, HVAC and logistics and delivery.

Through close collaboration with international partners and the A2EP ecosystem, Ellenex develops IoT-driven adaptive energy management systems for targeted industries, aiming for higher levels of energy efficiency and the attainment of net zero targets in industrial systems.


April 11 2024

Process Partners helps food and beverage manufacturers tackle the challenges the sector faces (including sustainability and energy productivity challenges). It has decades of experience advising, conceptualising, designing, building and optimising food processing and packaging plants, with offices in Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and China to support local and international clients. Process Partners’ team of 50 engineers covers a diverse range of engineering skills including system engineering, project management, manufacturing management and food technology.


March 15 2024

We are pleased to welcome Hoctor Refrigeration, a Melbourne-based industrial refrigeration solution provider which partners with leading names in the food and beverage industries. Hoctor works in collaboration to design, manufacture, install, and provide life-time product and business support.

While Hoctor offers natural and synthetic solutions for cooling and freezing, it is committed to phasing out synthetic products, encouraging its clients to choose natural refrigerant solutions with the environmental eco and business benefits they bring, such as higher efficiency, lower operational costs, and a demonstrated commitment towards social and environmental causes. For the planet, it means reduced carbon emissions, less resources, and lower global warming potential.


March 13 2024

We are excited to welcome RSM Australia to our Alliance as an Industry Leader Member!

RSM Australia is a leading provider of assurance, tax, and consulting services which was established in Australia more than 100 years ago. RSM has a dedicated energy and resources team that can help energy businesses access funding and build compelling business cases and projects. Its energy and resources expertise includes government grants, transaction advisory and valuations, ESG/sustainability and energy transition, taxation, and internal regulatory financial audits.

With more than 1800 staff and 32 offices across metropolitan and regional locations, RSM is well placed to provide local focus and service with a global reach and context.


6 March 2024

Welcome to Rheem Australia, a name synonymous with the supply of hot water in Australia. Rheem Australia has a long track record of supplying commercial and industrial water heating solutions, including commercial pool heating.

As well as supplying solutions which help users to reduce energy costs and emissions, Rheem Australia is committed to building the industry capacity needed to achieve decarbonisation goals: by 2025 Rheem will train 250,000 plumbers, contractors and key influencers on sustainable products or sustainable installation and recycling best practice.


26 February 2024

VIOTAS helps large businesses generate revenue and achieve their sustainability goals through smart electricity management and demand response services. Its dedicated research and development team, VIOTAS Innovation, develops leading-edge technologies which enable commercial or industrial businesses to actively support the security and stability of national electricity grids and thereby the increased uptake of renewable energy.

VIOTAS provides these services to large energy users across a range of industries, including food and beverage production, data centres, manufacturing, medical, mining and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Learn more about VIOTAS:


9 February 2024

Established in 1987, Flavourtech is a global technology manufacturer, headquartered in Australia, specialising in aroma recovery, extraction and evaporation solutions for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. It designs and manufactures unique process solutions for alcohol, coffee, tea, dairy, flavour, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Flavourtech's expertise in developing quality processing equipment enables customers to differentiate their product offering in both domestic and export markets and to improve efficiency, productivity and growth.

Learn more about Flavourtech:


A2EP Member announcement: SEEITEK

6 February 2024

SEEITEK is an energy efficiency solutions and services company making energy management and reporting easier and more cost-effective. Its energy specialists and engineers achieve significant results by making costly phantom and parasitic energy irregularities & inefficiency visible. With cutting-edge IOT technologies SEEITEK can solve energy operational problems and optimise equipment, buildings & production performance.


With extensive expertise and 25+ years’ experience in energy, HVAC/R and commercial and industrial industries, SEEITEK provides an end-to-end specialised, seamless service in all time zones. It is the Exclusive Global Integration Partner (Australia) for energy tech solutions such as Panoramic Power™ completely wireless IOT circuit-level energy monitoring (snap-on sensors) and PowerRadar™ (real-time energy data analytics, alerts, and AI SaaS customised reporting platform) and it is the Exclusive Partner (APAC region) for SMARTCOOL™ retrofit compressor cycle optimisation technology.

Learn more about SEEITEK:


1 February 2024

With its Rondo Heat Battery (RHB), Rondo Energy helps energy-intensive organisations to economically access the benefits of continuous, high-temperature renewable heat without overhauling existing facility infrastructure. The RHB is a “drop-in, zero-emission boiler replacement”. The RHB charges and discharges simultaneously, charging from low-cost, on- or off-grid intermittent renewable energy. That electricity heats up bricks with resistive heating. Air passes over the bricks and, when needed, heat is delivered as superheated air or steam at temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees Celsius at the exact pressure and temperature required. Rondo and Calgren Renewable Fuels are currently operating the world’s highest temperature commercial electric thermal energy storage system in the world, which is also the highest efficiency energy storage system of any kind in commercial operation.

Learn more about Rondo Energy:

To learn more about Rondo's technology, watch this TED Talk by Rondo CEO, John O'Donnell:


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