Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity

The Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP) is an independent, not-for profit coalition of business, government and environmental leaders promoting a more energy productive economy.


A2EP review of NEPP progress - year 2

Energy productivity improvement in Australia has stalled in the past two years, after a promising acceleration over the previous three years. A continuation of the recent trend will make it very difficult to meet even the modest NEPP target, let alone the 2xEP target proposed by A2EP - doubling energy productivity by 2030, from a 2010 baseline). 

Read how the Government is progressing on meeting the 34 measures in the NEPP.


2XEP by 2030 – a project of the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity

2xEP brings together a coalition of business, government and industry association partners which see the value in doubling Australia’s energy productivity by 2030 to secure a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supply. A number of working groups comprising some of Australia’s leading thinkers on energy and efficiency in their fields are developing sectoral roadmaps for improving Australia’s energy productivity.

Learn more about 2xEP by 2030

Innovation – The Next Wave

A2EP launched ‘The Next Wave’ innovation project as part of 2xEP to explore opportunities for major improvements in energy productivity through the deployment of innovative technologies and business models. Assessments are being prepared for nine value chains within the Australian economy, with the food and shelter assessments already completed and identifying enormous potential for improving energy productivity and reducing energy costs.

Learn more about Innovation - The Next Wave

Current state of play

A2EP produced a summary of progress towards doubling energy productivity for the 2xEP Summit held in Sydney in April 2017. We claim that energy productivity can win the energy trifecta – reliable, affordable, sustainable – and resolve the energy trilemma.

Learn more about the current state of play on energy productivity



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