Watch: Heat Pump Technology Selection Guide briefing

Following our recent briefing on the latest advances in industrial heat pumps, together with representatives from ARENA, we presented advice from our heat pump selection guide on how to select the right heat pump for your operations.

The guide was created by A2EP, Charles Luo from pitt+sherry and Manuel Siegrist and Derek Harbison from SmartConsult.

The final guide will include feedback from this briefing and tools such as decision trees for selecting appropriate technology, factors affecting ROI, design optimisation considerations, levelised cost of energy calculations and local suppliers and installers.

The briefing included a demonstration of the tool for a couple of real-world applications.

Watch the recording of the Heat Pump Selection Guide briefing and view the presenters' slides below.

Presentation slides from the briefing:


Peter Haenke

Manager, Energy Productivity

Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

Robert Nicholson

Energy Sector Lead


Charles Luo

Associate Energy Engineer


Manuel Siegrist

Senior Consultant


Derek Harbison

Renewable Energy Consultant


Jarrod Leak

Chief Executive Officer

Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP)

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