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Online conference
15-16 September 2021

The latest in energy productivity innovations and the role they will play on the path to net zero

On 15 and 16 September 2021, A2EP hosted two invaluable afternoons of presentations and panel discussions from a range of energy experts. Our online conference included two streams of presentations: one looking at innovations being implemented right now and how to make the case for them in your organisation.

The other stream was presented by our conference partner, RACE for 2030 CRC, and looked at the innovations we need in coming years to deliver net zero targets and how the RACE programs are focussing the research and development to deliver these innovations.

You can now view the recordings and presentation slides for all the sessions:

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Keynote speaker - The Hon. Matt Kean, NSW Minister for Energy and the Environment

We were honoured to have Matt Kean give the opening address for the X-Change. Matt detailed the latest developments in the state's ambitious Net Zero Plan, which include major investments in and support for the decarbonisation of manufacturing and transport in NSW. 

Other speakers included:

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Andrew Clarke

Northmore Gordon

Heidi Lee

Beyond Zero

Dr Mary Stewart


Justin Merrell


Dr Fiona Simon



Matt Drum


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Dr Stephen White


Sally Townsend.jpg

Sally Townsend


Jonathan Justen

RACE for 2030


Fadi Geha



Karla Fox-Reynolds

Climate-KIC Australia


Robert Nicholson


Umer Siemens.jpg

Umer Mohammed


Andrew Weller Glaciem_edited.jpg

Andrew Weller

Glaciem Cooling Technologies

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Energy Innovation X-Change 2021 - Opening session

  • Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country:

    Jarrod Leak - CEO, Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP)
    Jon Jutsen - Chief Executive Officer, RACE for 2030 CRC

  • Opening address by the Hon. Matt Kean, NSW Minister for Energy and Environment.

  • Joint session: Energy productivity - the net zero advantage

    Taking an energy productivity-focussed approach to energy management is an important part of a net zero pathway. The industry leaders in this session presented three ways this can be achieved: via a precinct approach, by incorporating energy management right through your company, and by knowing how to utilise emerging fuels.


    Dr Fiona Simon - CEO,  Australian Hydrogen Council
    Bio | Presentation Slides

    Heidi Lee - CEO, Beyond Zero Emissions
    Bio | Presentation Slides

    Dr Mary Stewart - CEO, Energetics
    Bio | Presentation Slides


A2EP Session 1: Net zero in practice

Inform your planning by learning from companies that are already pushing towards net zero and the challenges they are facing and how they plan to move things forward.


Jo Cooper - Senior Project Officer, Sustainability Advantage, NSW DPIE
Bio | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Justin Merrell - Group Environment Director, Lion
Bio | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Scott Edwards - Sustainability Manager - Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

Bio | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Sally Townsend - Head of Sustainability - Blackmores

Bio | Presentation Slide (PDF)

Session chair:

Jarrod Leak - CEO, Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity​


RACE for 2030 Session 1: Innovation for the energy and carbon transformation

  1. RACE for 2030’s CEO Jon Jutsen talks about how innovation is driving the energy and carbon transformation and what the big transition challenges will be in the coming two years.

  2. Panel discussion: Where will RACE be investing its $330+ million in resources over the next nine years and how industry can get involved?

  3. Your 4 Minutes of Fame! Are you doing energy innovation in your business, or do you have an innovation idea you are developing that you would like to promote? RACE for 2030 provides a stage for energy innovators to present their big idea to achieve energy and emission reductions. At the end the audience offers feedback on each of the innovations.


Jonathan Jutsen - CEO, RACE for 2030

Chris Dunstan - CRO, RACE for 2030


Session facilitator:

Martina Lyons - Market Transformation Leader, RACE for 2030


Thursday 16 September 2021

A2EP Session 2: Tracking carbon productivity

The golden rule is that 'what is measured can be managed'. In this session we hear about the various ways businesses can track their carbon productivity, as well as from companies that are taking steps to track their emissions, the challenges faced, lessons learnt and how the data collected translates into the design of energy productivity projects.


Fadi Geha - Founder & Executive Director, Simble

Bio | Presentation Slides (PDF) 

Matt Drum - Managing Director, Ndevr Environmental

Bio | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Caroline Ottmann - Director, Strategy & Innovation - Schneider Electric


Session chair:

Kylie Hargreaves - Chair, Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity



RACE for 2030 Session 2: The RACE to net zero business

Big audacious goals are useful to galvanise action. A clear pathway to achieving the goal is even more important to test its feasibility and maintain stamina through the inevitable challenges that face something that has never been done before. While more and more businesses commit to 'net zero' there is still a lack of understanding of how most will actually get there.


This session presents new research that will solve key issues facing businesses seeking to decarbonise their operations. After hearing from cutting-edge projects, RACE for 2030 facilitates a “world-café” series of breakout sessions to explore these issues in detail, in collaboration with other industry innovation leaders.

Presentation slides for the session (PDF)


David Roche - Research Principal, UTS Institute of Sustainable Futures

Andrew Weller - Business Development Manager, Glaciem Cooling Technologies

Steve Hoy - Chief Executive Officer, Enosi

Dorota Bacal - Capacity Builder, RACE for 2030


Session chair:

Dani Alexander - RACE for Business Program Leader



A2EP Session 3: Making the business case for energy productivity innovations

All too often energy productivity projects fail to move to implementation due to a lack of understanding or appreciation by internal decision-makers. In this session our presenters discuss how to bring productivity and other non-energy benefits into your business case or capital request and get your project over the line.


Dr Gordon Weiss - Decarbonisation Expert, Energetics

Bio | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Robert Nicholson - Energy Sector Lead, pitt&sherry

Bio | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Andrew Clarke - Principle Consultant, Northmore Gordon

Bio | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Daniel Hodges - Engineering Manager, Molycop Australia


Jeffrey Neave - Environment Manager - Molycop Australia


Umer Mohammed - Head of Energy, Performance and Sustainability, Siemens

Bio | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Josh McIntyre - EPS National Business Development Manager, Siemens


Session chair:

Amy Kean - Director, Stride Renewables



RACE for 2030 Session 3: Building a customer-friendly clean energy transition

The rapidly evolving decentralisation of energy resources and the whole of energy system transition brings a need to reconsider the 'customer'. People in homes are now increasingly prosumers and it is the evolving relationship of people with energy efficient homes, EVs and flexible demand approaches which are considered by RACE experts in this session.

Presentation slides for the session (PDF)


Dr Stephen White - Energy Efficiency Leader, CSIRO


Karla Fox-Reynolds - Principal, Innovation Projects, Climate-KIC Australia


Declan Kuch - Visiting Research Fellow, UNSW


Amelia Thorpe - Associate Professor in Law, UNSW


Session chair:

Greg Morrison - RACE for Everyone Program Leader