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Recording: ARENA funding & Safeguard Mechanism update webinar

21 June 2023

Hear the latest updates on funding programs from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) which can help support your projects and initiatives to decarbonise and improve energy management and productivity in your operations. This webinar also includes an update on the Safeguard Mechanism.

Peter Haenke, Investment Manager at ARENA, presented the latest information on:

  • the Industrial Energy Transformation Studies (IETS) program

  • the Powering the Regions Fund (PRF)

  • the Australian Renewables Program, and

  • Hydrogen Headstart.

We were then joined by Patrick Passey, Director in the Safeguard Mechanism Taskforce, who provided an overview of the Safeguard Mechanism covering how the system will work and some expected outcomes.

This is an essential briefing for both energy users and consultants looking to implement projects for decarbonisation or energy productivity improvements.


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