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EVENT: A2EP Site tour - commercial heat pumps in Melbourne | 1 August

Join the A2EP team for a tour of a number of operational heat pumps to see this technology in action. Hear first-hand from end-users and technology providers about what is involved with transitioning to heat pump technologies.

During this one-day bus tour we will visit a commercial office building and a brewery to see the different commercial heat pumps installed and operating. We will also visit Automatic Heating's training facility to learn more about heat pumps, how they can be installed and what will be required to operate and maintain them.

The tour will be hosted by A2EP CEO, Jarrod Leak. Lunch and other refreshments will be provided and covered by the tour cost. The tour will also be a great networking opportunity with end-users, suppliers, government and consultants in attendance.


Tour starts 9:30 am, meet at 530 Collins St for the first site tour. Our bus will then take all attendees to the following sites:

  • 530 Collins St commercial building site tour with Energy Smart Water

  • Automatic Heating training centre, Epping

  • Lunch

  • 3 Ravens brewery site tour and drinks

4:30 pm tour concludes, bus returns to Melbourne CBD.


A2EP Members: $390 +GST per person Non-Members: $690 +GST per person

Places are limited.




530 Collins Street, Melbourne

This commercial office building is managed by the GPT Group. Technology supplier, Energy Smart Water, will conduct the tour and outline how heat pump systems have been installed at the site to efficient supply domestic hot water for use in bathrooms and kitchen facilities for the tenants. ESW will also discuss how space constraints can be overcome for heat pumps to be used in commercial buildings to deliver energy and emissions savings.

Automatic Heating Training Pod, Epping

Heat pump solution provider, Automatic Heating, will welcome us into its Training Pod and take us through how heat pumps work in a real-world setting with five different heat pump technologies to view, including CO2 and high-temperature heat pumps, and discuss their potential in the realm of sustainable heating solutions.

The presentation will also cover the essentials of heat pump selection and system design and practical tips on operating heat pumps.

3 Ravens Brewery, Thornbury

In collaboration with consultant, Regenerate Engineering, 3 Ravens has undertaken a major energy upgrade as part of expansion plans. This tour will show attendees the chiller heat pump and thermal storage systems which are efficiently using waste heat and cooling in other parts of the process to significantly reduce energy cost. The upgrade is expected to allow 3 Ravens to quadruple production without an increase in energy costs.

Learn more about the energy upgrade at 3 Ravens by Regenerate Engineering

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