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WEBINAR: Renewable heating program update | Wednesday 27 September

Support for renewable heating continues to ramp up at A2EP and we’re keen to share our activities and give people the opportunity to contribute. Please join us for an update on September 27 to get an overview of 5 ongoing pieces of work:

  • an overview of our recent publication on hydrogen and the role it may play in process heating

  • a summary of the recent Australian Heat Pump Roundtable

  • a heat pump screening process we are testing for NSW Government

  • a boiler mapping exercise we are doing for the fed govt’s Dept. Of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW)

  • one of the largest research pieces done on heat pumps in Australia with the RACE for 2030 CRC in association with UTS and RMIT

Presenters for this webinar:

  • Jarrod Leak, CEO

  • Michaela Ling, Project Manager

  • Simon Ray, Project Manager

  • Brendan Vos, Project Manager

Webinar details:

Via Zoom

Wednesday 27 September 2023 3:00 - 4:00 pm AEST

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