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A2EP Victorian site tour: industrial and commercial heat pump installations - 29 November

More and more organisations are looking to heat pumps to efficiently supply heating and cooling services for a range of applications. A busload of representatives from all parts of industry joined the A2EP team for a tour to see this technology in action. We heard first-hand from end-users and technology providers about what is involved with transitioning to heat pump technologies.

During this one-day bus tour we visited Hardwick's meat processing plant at Kyneton that has installed an industrial heat pump, which is integrated into the existing refrigeration plant. Important features of this project include:

  • Integration with the refrigeration plant’s oil cooling, desuperheating and condensing systems

  • Integration with thermal storage

  • Upgraded electrical capacity

  • Ammonia based heat pump achieving hot water >75C

Present at the tour will be:

  • Site project manager - Mark Hardwick

  • Designer - Kevin Joyce

  • Contractor - Hoctor Refrigeration’s James Hoctor & Eujin Tan

  • Compressor OEM – Mayekawa's Peter O'Neill

  • Heat exchanger OEM – Alfa Laval’s Anson John

We also visited an aquatic centre to view their electrified heating solution for space, pool and domestic hot water solutions.

The tour was a great networking opportunity with end-users, suppliers, government, and consultants in attendance.

Registrations have now closed. Please stay tuned for future events.


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