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A2EP site tour: commercial and industrial renewable heating installations - | Thursday 12 October

More and more organisations are looking to heat pumps to efficiently supply heating and cooling services for a range of applications, including commercial applications. Join the A2EP team for a tour of several operational heat pumps to see this technology in action. Hear first-hand from end-users and technology providers about what is involved with transitioning to heat pump technologies.

During this one-day bus tour we will visit commercial office buildings and a brewery to see the different commercial and industrial renewable heating installations. The tour will be hosted by A2EP CEO, Jarrod Leak. Lunch and other refreshments will be provided and covered by the tour cost. The tour will also be a great networking opportunity with end-users, suppliers, government, and consultants in attendance.

SPECIAL OFFER: The first ten A2EP Member organisations to register attendees for this tour get one FREE registration (per organisation).

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