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Recording: Energy-based Maintenance - simple measures for serious savings

A good maintenance regime doesn't just keep equipment operating, it can deliver serious energy and emissions savings and overall greater energy productivity for your operations.

Energy-based maintenance is gaining traction as companies realise the importance of maintenance to reducing their energy costs and achieving their net zero targets. Reducing leaks, cleaning heat transfer surfaces, cleaning pipes and having smoothly operating equipment results in improvements in energy productivity and reduced energy input costs per unit output. In this webinar we look at the energy savings from good maintenance from pipe cleaning to condition monitoring.

Presenters for this webinar:

  • Brad Parsons, Rely Ability Using energy to improve maintenance and operations

  • Paul Francis, Contract Resources Pipeline cleaning

  • Damien Matou, Alfa Laval Energy Hunter

  • Brendan Vos, A2EP Impacts for degradation


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