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A2EP explores compressed air innovation for NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

A2EP was engaged by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to research and review efficiency opportunities for compressed air system (CAS) use, including emerging technologies and current alternatives.

Prepared by Alan Pears and Liz Hutton, the report notes that with CAS use accounting for 10% of industrial electricity use in Australia and the high energy losses associated with its use, the potential for energy savings and productivity improvements is significant. The report also highlighted a number of non-energy related additional benefits that may come from implementing more efficient and alternative technologies.

The report presents findings from other research as well as from 11 international and Australian case studies across a variety of CAS applications, including robot grippers, wastewater treatment, air knives, sugar processing, car manufacturing and blower-driven air.

With technologies and industrial process requirements changing quickly, the report highlighted the opportunities for the development of new business models that support proper consideration and implementation of alternatives to traditional CAS.


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