The A²SE will inform, influence and advance the efficient use of energy in Australia by:

  • Advocating for improved energy efficiency across all sectors
  • Supporting the policy making process with thorough, independently verified research in the interest of all Australians
  • Offering a network to members and organisations to share information, knowledge and ideas
  • Providing for debate, discussion and collaboration, including for review of energy efficiency program design and legislation
  • Promoting and publishing international research in an understandable and accessible format
  • Leveraging relationships with similar bodies internationally, especially the US-based Alliance to Save Energy, to access information in international practices and policies to enable industry and policy makers to make optimal decisions and create better market information and awareness campaigns
  • Engaging experts in search of best policy ideas
  • Identifying best practices and technologies globally to inform business and government leaders in Australia of opportunities to save energy
  • Providing other services in the interest of greater energy efficiency