Board of Directors


The work of the Alliance is guided by its board of directors, who represent a range of leading organisations that are committed to increasing Australia's energy productivity.

Rebecca Shepherd 

Sector Manager - Health, ICT and Energy, Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Research and Innovation Portfolio, RMIT University


Tony Cooper

Chief Executive Officer, Energetics

Kate Dryden

Executive General Manager (Growth), Veolia Australia and New Zealand

Cameron Evans 

Chief Executive Officer, Enwave Australia

Travis Hughes

Head of Energy Services, AGL Energy


Jonathan Jutsen

Chair, Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity

Paul Thomas

Chief Financial Officer, Energetics

Aisha Nicolay

Managing Director, Fieri Consulting

Brian Morris

Vice-President Energy and Sustainability Services, Schneider Electric

Azheem Haseeb

General Manager of Building Performance and Sustainability, Building Technologies, Siemens Ltd Australia

Laura Van Wie McGrory

Vice President International Policy, [US] Alliance to Save Energy

Stuart White

Director, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney