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SITE TOUR | 26 June: Heat pumps in the spotlight - Woolworths Burwood Brickworks for World Refrigeration Day!

In collaboration with FMA and AIRAHA2EP are hosting a series of six heat pump tours in Victoria. These tours will be a great networking opportunity with end-users, suppliers, and energy experts in attendance.

As decarbonisation roadmaps become reality, we expect to see heat pumps to be one of the most utilised tools for decarbonising heating systems. Please join us to see the solutions in action and speak with the experts whilst meeting with other passionate decarbonising professionals. 

Join us on World Refrigeration Day for a behind the scenes tour of Woolworths, Burwood Brickworks store. The store runs on 100% renewable electricity and uses heat pumps with natural CO2 refrigerant for efficient refrigeration, heating and cooling and supplying hot water.

The tour will be hosted by AIRAH's Mark Vender. 

Cost for this tour: $48.50 (inc. GST)


  • 12pm Tour of Woolworths Burwood Brickworks

Sign up for the other tours in the series! 

Miss out on a ticket? You'll be added to our waitlist!

Learn more about heat pumps and thermal storage on the A2EP website and on A2EP's website dedicated to these technologies, FutureHeat.


WEBINAR: 2024 High-temperature heat pumps update with Dr Cordin Arpagaus

Wednesday 6 March, 4pm AEDT

The range of temperatures that can be supplied by heat pumps is growing rapidly.



WEBINAR: Modelling, optimising & integrating: getting more from heat pumps

Wednesday 13 March, 3pm AEDT

Learn about the technologies and tools you can use to get more from your heat pump systems with presentations by Beca and Coolsheet.


WEBINAR: Industrial and commercial heat pump highlights

Wednesday 20 March, 3pm AEDT

We will take a high speed tour of the latest and greatest industrial and commercial heat pump installations from Australia and around the world to inspire and inform your next projects.



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