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Recording: Modelling, optimising & integrating - getting more out of heat pumps

In this webinar we take a look at the innovative ways Australian solution providers are integrating heat pumps with other technologies to optimise performance and benefits. Firstly we look at a heat pump system integrated with solar PV and solar thermal technologies, followed by control systems that are being used to optimise heat pumps and refrigeration.

Presenters for this webinar:

  • Adrian Dickison Maestro Co-Founder and Chief Engineer, Beca

  • Graeme Harding Technical Director - Energy Transition Lead, Beca

  • Jack Timings Senior Process Engineer and Sustainability Advisor, Beca

  • Doug Smith CEO, Coolsheet


WEBINAR: 2024 High-temperature heat pumps update with Dr Cordin Arpagaus

Wednesday 6 March, 4pm AEDT

The range of temperatures that can be supplied by heat pumps is growing rapidly.


WEBINAR: Industrial and commercial heat pump highlights

Wednesday 20 March, 3pm AEDT

We will take a high speed tour of the latest and greatest industrial and commercial heat pump installations from Australia and around the world to inspire and inform your next projects.


SITE TOUR: Decarbonising heating systems with bioenergy and heat pumps

Wednesday 27 March, Brisbane QLD

Our single day site tour will see heat pump installations, cogeneration and Griffith University’s biogas research centres that are helping to develop this industry, as well installations at Pimpama Sports Hub and Loganholme Wastewater Treatment Plant.


WEBINAR: Tapping into geothermal energy for renewable heating

Thursday 28 March, 1pm

We will take a look at the current state of the market and the technologies (including ground-source heat pumps) that can be used to put this geothermal energy to work for commercial and industrial applications.

Image courtesy of Automatic Heating


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