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EVENT: B5 Anaerobic digestion for electricity, transport and gas opportunity assessment

Wednesday 8 June 2022

This workshop webinar was for the RACE for 2030 B5: Anaerobic digestion for electricity, transport & gas Opportunity Assessment work theme.

Approaching a critical phase of the study with the finalisation of the research roadmap, the work group hosted this webinar to share insights and seek industry feedback.

In the webinar we provided a summary of the research so far, the main findings and main research gaps that have been identified. Industry feedback was sought on the benefits and value that will come from future research which will help with the identification of potential partners and funding.

The team leading this project:

  • Associate Professor Prasad Kaparaju, Griffith University (Project Leader)

  • Professor Long Nghiem, University of Technology, Sydney

  • Associate Professor Andrea Trianni, University of Technology, Sydney

  • Dr Rowena Cantley-Smith, University of Technology, Sydney

  • Jarrod Leak, CEO, Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP)

  • Dr Rebecca Cunningham, UTS-ISF, Sydney

  • A/Prof Brent Jacobs, UTS-ISF, Sydney


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