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WATCH: The water-energy nexus: save water to save energy

Wednesday 6 April 2022

Delivering potable water and treating waste water both consume energy. By first optimising how water is used, savings can be found for potable water and wastewater treatment.

During this webinar experts shared the opportunities to save water used to save energy in manufacturing and commercial buildings, including ways to reduce water used for cleaning and cooling, new technologies to recycle water and chemicals on-site to reduce carbon emissions.


Morten Eckhoff

Tank Cleaning Specialist, Alfa Laval

Marwan Baig

Food & Water Division Manager - Oceania, Alfa Laval

Kelvin Bradnam

Commercial Director, Chem Clean

Gyula Szekeres

Business Development Heat Rejection Systems, Frigel Firenze

Roger Ong

Engineering Director, Chudleigh Sutch

Bradley Yager

Segment Lead Consumer Packaged Goods - Pacific Zone, Schneider Electric

Hosted by:

Jarrod Leak


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