We are working with industry and government to assess the viability of numerous technologies for improving the energy productivity across the manufacturing supply chain in Australia.

In early 2019 we initiated a project to determine the technical and commercial feasibility of replacing fossil-fuelled process heating technologies in manufacturing settings with renewables-powered alternatives, and to detail pathways to implementation including technical specification and a business case for investment.

We are working on this project in collaboration with Climate-KIC Australia, Sustainability Victoria and the Department of Industry, Planning and Environment (NSW). The project is part-funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and due to finalise mid-2020. A second phase of the project, also part-funded by ARENA, commenced in early 2020.

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The project has been conducted in four phases:

  1. site identification and selection 

  2. pre-feasibility studies (ten)

  3. feasibility studies (five)

  4. reporting and knowledge sharing. 

From a pool of nearly 30 prospective sites identified through networks, 10 were selected to progress to a pre-feasibility study. From those 10 studies, five were selected to progress to a full feasibility study and of those four were completed. These studies were conducted by independent, expert firms and included technical and commercial assessments.

For both the pre-feasibility and feasibility studies the proponent sites made considerable in-kind contributions including access to personnel, premises and data and the feasibility studies were co-funded by proponents. The studies themselves remain commercial-in-confidence. Work is underway to distil lessons learned and implications for policy and programs.

In the meantime, we’re able to publish four case studies. The case studies summarise the findings of the assessments for each site and are published with permission of the proponents.

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