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Vale Fiona Waterhouse, CEO of Utilitas Group

18 November 2021

We were saddened to learn of the passing this month of Fiona Waterhouse, CEO of the Utilitas Group. While Utilitas was not a member of A2EP, we were fortunate to have Fiona join us for a bioenergy webinar earlier this year and to present during our 2019 Energy Innovation X-Change. During the webinar and our brief interactions with Fiona she thoroughly impressed us – with her passion, her expertise, the breadth of her vision and that it was all accompanied by a delightful personality.

Our impression of Fiona was widely shared across the bioenergy and wider energy sector. Fiona worked tirelessly to bring the exciting and innovative Bundaberg bioHub Industrial Park to life. A collaboration between Utilitas and Bundaberg City Council, the Park is set to be a leading example of manufacturing and agricultural collaboration and co-location. Utilitas and the Council worked together to acquire the former East Bundaberg Wastewater Treatment Plant to create an industrial park focused on renewable natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen.

A production engineer by trade with a degree in manufacturing management, Fiona spent 25 years driving productivity for corporates and family companies in mining, agribusiness and manufacturing. During her time with the Queensland Department of Environment in the early 2000s, Fiona developed the Business Sustainability Roadmap which was recognized as a sustainable development milestone for Queensland. Fiona’s contributions beyond Utilitas were broad with a number of board and advisory roles.

Fiona sought to create and lead businesses that have a positive impact on the economy, the environment and society. There’s no doubt she did just this, but perhaps her greatest impact will be on all those she worked with and inspired who will continue her vision.

To see Fiona's bioenergy vision, watch her presentation in our Bioenergy Briefing from May this year.

News stories about the Bundaberg bioHub:

Images courtesy of Utilitas Group/Bernie Ripoll


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