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WATCH: Introduction to decarbonisation technologies webinar

Wednesday 17 August, 2022

This webinar, led by industry experts, introduces the technologies and practical approaches which will be critical to helping achieve decarbonisation targets, reduce energy costs and improve overall energy productivity across a range of sectors.

This is a perfect introductory session for anyone new to decarbonisation or perhaps those who have an interest in or role to play in decarbonisation journey but aren't from an energy/engineering background. It is appropriate for people from a range of sectors, including manufacturing, food and beverage production, consulting, agriculture, heavy industry and more. If you have sustainability and net zero targets, this is a webinar to watch.

The presenters for this webinar are:

  • Alan Pears, A2EP/RMIT University

  • Associate Professor Andrea Trianni, University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

  • Jarrod Leak, A2EP


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