WATCH: Energy Innovation Network Briefing - Biogas technologies

Biogas technologies present enormous opportunities to improve the energy productivity of Australian farms while also addressing organic waste challenges.

On Thursday 20 August, our Energy Innovation Network received a briefing about biogas technologies and applications from leading suppliers and a farmer putting the technology to work. An update on our process heat study was also included in the briefing.

Watch the video of the webinar here:

View the slides for each speaker:

Gemma Harrison - Sustainability Engineer & Business Development, Enwave Australia

Presentation slides by Gemma Harrison

Dr Richard Goldberg - Group Manager - Innovation and Collaboration, Gaia EnviroTech

Presentation slides by Dr Richard Goldberg

Craig Dugan - Chief Executive Officer, Optimal Group

Presentation slides by Craig Dugan

Edwina Beveridge - Director, Blantyre Farms

Presentation slides from Edwina Beveridge

Jonathan Jutsen - Chief Executive Officer, RACE for 2030 CRC

Presentation slides from Jonathan Jutsen

Jarrod Leak - Chief Executive Officer, Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP)

Presentation slides from Jarrod Leak.

Matt Walden - Australian Renewable Energy Agency