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Recording: Council aquatic centre energy upgrade webinar 2 - feasibility templates

Webinar 2: Templates for feasibility studies – set up your project for success

Feasibility studies provide an essential platform to support energy upgrade projects. They can help to save money, reduce project risks and ultimately ensure that you get the outcome you are searching for. This webinar explores the key elements to include in your tender for a feasibility study to ensure you get the information you need to make informed decisions on your energy upgrade projects.

Our speakers for this event:

  • Kara Taylor Senior Sustainability Officer, Northern Beaches Council

  • Jack Donkers Environmental Project Officer, Manningham Council

  • Nick Yannakis Technical Director, BECA

  • Abdur Rahman Hafeel Senior Project Coordinator, City of Melbourne

  • Jordan Ray Lim Senior Engineer, Bridgeford Group

The webinar is hosted by A2EP's Jarrod Leak, Brendan Vos and Alan Pears.

In anticipation of the launch of the Australian Government’s $100 million Community Energy Upgrades Fund grant program, A2EP has developed a series of webinars to build awareness, skills and knowledge of council staff to scope and support successful energy upgrades in local government aquatic centres. The webinars will also be relevant to councillors, consultants, equipment providers, installers and others that help make aquatic centre energy upgrades happen. The webinars were developed following a workshop convened by A2EP in October 2023 to better understand council systems, processes and understanding for securing an economical, reliable, efficient energy upgrade for their aquatic centre.

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Thursday 23 November 2023

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Thursday 8 February 2023

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