Energy productivity gets ministerial momentum

2xEP is a coalition of individual businesses and industry associations, research organisations and energy service providers. Our objective is to double Australia’s energy productivity (2xEP) by 2030. The 2xEP program is governed by a Steering Committee drawn from the leadership of participating organisations.

Commenced in July 2014, the program looks across the whole of the economy and at particular sectors including mining, agriculture, manufacturing, freight and passenger transport, the built environment.

The 2xEP Steering Committee welcomes the recent adoption by COAG Energy Council of the inaugural National Energy Productivity Plan. This announcement was made in early December through a meeting communiqué and supporting documents (available online here). We commend the federal, state and territory energy ministers for their efforts, ambition and consensus. We acknowledge the great work undertaken by officials - federal, state and territory - and their efforts to engage productively with stakeholders.

The Plan details a framework for significant energy productivity improvement. The results will be general productivity improvement, increased competitiveness and higher living standards.

The real value of this Plan will be in its execution. Business will propose and support industry-led initiatives to help drive energy productivity outcomes. Business is ready to work closely with governments to develop initiatives that are essential for success. We are looking to governments to rapidly implement elements of the Plan that fall to them. We are also looking to governments to adequately resource the Plan and facilitate the rapid improvement in energy productivity that is necessary and possible.

The 2xEP Steering Committee is working towards development of a roadmap for doubling energy productivity by 2030 and our work will closely dovetail with the Plan. Business, government and other parties can work closely together to deliver essential economic outcomes for Australia.

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