New Alliance to support Australia’s energy efficiency drive

23 July 2009

Alongside today’s announcement by the Council of Australian Governments of its National Strategy for Energy Efficiency, the Australian Alliance to Save Energy (‘A2SE’) is being formed to provide a strong and broadly based voice for the advancement of energy efficiency.

A2SE is modelled on the United States-based Alliance to Save Energy (, which has played a critical role in North American energy efficiency advocacy and policy making for over 30 years.  The Alliance has helped design, implement, and evaluate a range of energy efficiency, demand management and distributed energy programs.  A2SE is drawing upon this expertise to bring together business, public sector, environmental and consumer leaders to advance a non-partisan and collaborative body of knowledge that supports the case for saving energy and using it more wisely.

A2SE’s Executive Director Mark Lister said, “Energy efficiency is a huge unrealised economic opportunity in Australia, and is the single largest opportunity for cost-effectively reducing greenhouse emissions in the short term.

“The International Energy Agency’s global scenario work suggests that energy efficiency will need to provide at least 54% of emission reductions worldwide to 2030.

“Other countries are taking the lead and considering energy efficiency as their most important energy resource.

“Widespread take-up of efficient practices can negate Australia’s historically strong energy growth and reduce costs that might be incurred from transitioning to a lower-carbon economy, while also improving the international competitiveness of Australian businesses.

“The Energy Efficiency Strategy announcement made by COAG signals that Government is beginning to recognise the potential contribution of energy efficiency, but there is still much more to do,” he said.

The Australian Alliance to Save Energy will support delivery of the existing National Strategy, but also assist the Government to define the next steps.  A²SE’s work will address research, awareness and policy issues relating to the reduction of wasteful and non-productive uses of energy across all sectors.  Initial focus areas will include:

  • The opportunity to reduce Australia’s substantial energy supply infrastructure investment costs and reduce greenhouse emissions through demand management, distributed generation, and ‘smart grid’ approaches.
  • An academic study of Australian energy efficiency performance and savings potential across all sectors of the economy, benchmarked against other OECD countries, to enable ongoing tracking and reporting of energy efficiency performance of all sectors of the economy within Australia.

A2SE is currently contacting organisations and opinion leaders from all sectors to participate in its important work of informing, influencing and advancing the efficient use of energy in Australia. 

For more information about energy efficiency and A2SE visit


For more information or to arrange an interview contact:
Mark Lister
Executive Director, Australian Alliance to Save Energy
Mobile:  0402 320 906    


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