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Big potential savings identified in new report on Industry 4.0 for energy productivity

17 January 2023

A2EP is pleased to have collaborated with RACE for 2030 and its partners on research which has culminated with the release of the new report, Industry 4.0 for energy productivity.

A2EP was a part of the Opportunity Assessment project team which explored the various benefits, barriers, regulation, and business models currently available for Industry 4.0 technologies. The project team also included representatives from AGL, AMPC, CSIRO, DELWP (Victorian Government), Exergenics, IoT Alliance Australia, NSW Government, RMIT, Simble, Sydney Water and UTS.

The potential for Industry 4.0 technologies to improve Australian energy productivity is significant with gross energy savings of $1.1B and emissions reductions of 5.9 Mt CO2-e by 2030-31.

This report provides insights into how to unlock future potential by leveraging benefits and overcoming barriers to this technological transition, addressing the complexities presented by Industry 4.0 technical features, such as artificial intelligence (AI), sensors, big data & analytics, Internet of Things (IoT).


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