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Mov3ment report on NSW agriculture diesel use

Bioenergy briefing - May 2021

Amy Philbrook and Matt Walden, ARENA

Fiona Waterhouse, Utilitas

Craig Dugan, Optimal Group

Shahana McKenzie, Bioenergy Australia

Energy Market Update May 2021

Full slidepack

Tennant Reed AIG

Mick O'Flynn, DPIE

Paul Lang, DELWP

Nick Balgue, Sustainability Victoria

RACE B3 Workshop 4 - 4 May

Presentation slides

Industrial Process Heat Update - 18 March 2021

2021 CAS report

Energy Innovation X-press 2020

Metering and measurement - 15 Oct

Bioenergy Speaker presentations

Gemma Harrison

Richard Goldberg

Craig Dugan - Optimal Group

Edwina Beveridge - Blantyre Farms

Jonathan Jutsen - RACE for 2030

Jarrod Leak - A2EP


Pages from HT Heat Pumps for Aus Food Industry






Andrew Dillon, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Networks Australia

Ned Harvey, Managing Director, Carbon War Room, Rocky Mountain Institute

Harry Verhaar, Head of Global Public & Government Affairs, Signify

Chair: Katherine Woodthorpe, Chair, Fishburners


Session 03: RACE for homes

Rosemary Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Consumers Australia

Greg Morrison, Director, Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute

Tony Douglas, Director, Essential Media Communications

Matti Dinkelmeyer, Senior Manager E-mobility & Smart Energy Solutions, Delta Energy Systems

Chair: Chris Dunstan, Research Director, Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS


Session 04: RACE for business

Francis Norman, General Manager Innovation & Strategy, National Energy Resources Australia

Mary Stewart, Chief Executive Officer, Energetics

Dinesh Chand, Technology Demonstration Manager, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority of New Zealand

Ned Harvey, Managing Director, Carbon War Room, Rocky Mountain Institute

Andrew Richards, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Users Association of Australia

Chair: Darren Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Renewable Energy Agency


Session 05: Innovation in finance

Andrew Lawson Director Sustainable Finance, ANZ

Liz Fletcher, Marketing Manager, FlowPower

Fiona Waterhouse, Chief Executive Officer, Utilitas Group

Ariel Liebman, Deputy Director, Monash Energy Materials and Systems Institute (MEMSI)

Chair: Emma Herd, Chief Executive Officer, Investor Group on Climate Change


Session 06: RACE for Networks

Samantha Christie, Manager Emerging Energy Technologies, NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Renate Egan, Cofounder and Chair, Solar Analytics

Richard Adams, Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Chair: Ariel Liebman, Deputy Director, Monash Energy Materials and Systems Institute (MEMSI)


Session 07: Water, waste water and waste to energy

Philip Woods, Service Planning Lead (Energy), Sydney Water

Chris Alexander, General Manager Strategic Planning, Veolia

Ben Spedding, Energy & Resource Recovery Manager, South East Water

Edwin Foong, Business Development Manager, Enwave

Chair: Corinne Ong, Chief Executive Officer, ENGIE Services


Session 08: Driving innovation in energy

Jonathan Jutsen, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity

Christopher Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Climate-KIC Australia

Joanna Nelson, Group Manager - Future Energy, Origin Energy

Alex Lloyd, Consultant Energy Transformation, University of South Australia

Chair: Rebecca Shepherd, Senior Advisor Research Initiatives, RMIT University


Session 09: The customer–centred grid

Violette Mouchaileh, Executive General Manager - Emerging Markets & Services, Australian Energy Market Operator

Craig Tupper, Manager – Demand Management & Forecasting, Ausgrid

Jeff Renaud, Head of Asia Pacific, Enel X

Dani Alexander, Research Principal, Institute for Sustainable Futures

Chair: Glenn Platt, Research Director - Energy, CSIRO


Session 10: Industry 4.0: Electrification and digitalisation

John Broadbent, Director & Founder, Smart Factory Mentoring & Strategy, Realise Potential

Peter Haenke, Energy Productivity Manager, Australian Renewable Energy Agency

James Hunt, General Manager Solution Sales, Schneider Electric

Carl Duncan, Group Manager Resource Efficiency, Teys Australia

Chair: Kylie Bell, Executive Director, Industry, Trade & Investment, NSW Department of Industry


Session 11: Innovation in the food value chain

Frank Bruno, Chair in Energy Future Industries Institute, University of South Australia

Alan Pears, Senior Industry Fellow, RMIT University

Cathy Waters, Leader Climate Research, NSW Department of Primary Industries

Warren Leitao, Chief Operating Officer, ReNu Energy

Thorsten Winkler, Managing Director, AGO Bioenergy

Chair: Mirjana Prica CEO, Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL)


Solar Analytics

Redback Technologies


Planet Ark Power



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