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Glaciem Cooling Technologies

ARENA anaerobic

B3 OA presentation

B4 OA presentation

Energy Market Update - August 2021

Tennant Reed - Australian Industry Group

Chloe Hicks - NSW DPIE

Alexander Peel - Vic DELWP

Comms briefing AUG 21

FEPP Consultation Briefing Pack

Energy procurement and load-shifting OCT 21

Facility integration and thermal batteries:

Process heat alternatives - NOV 21

High temperature heat pumps - NOV 21

Fiona Waterhouse Bioenergy Briefing MAY21

Heat recovery and heat pumps for meat processing

Michael Bellstedt Minus 40

Ellie Shirdel pitt&Sherry

Glaciem Cooling Technologies

Jarrod Leak A2EP

Decarbonising beverage manufacturing

Michael Bellstedt

Jon Fettes

Jeff Smit

Kris Langley

Andrew Weller

Jarrod Leak + Q&A

December 2021 RACE meetings - B2

December 2021 RACE meetings - B5